Tuesday, March 10, 2009

She's done

So, with the body damage and the BIO (hazard), she's done. They apparently hit some things, and they managed to get a BIO (hazard) all over the inside.

Not like normal, oh shit, I cut myself BIO (hazard). Like, I was shot, and you have to dump me at the hospital or vet kind of BIO (hazard).

So, I don't want it, and Progressive agrees it's not worth fixing. It's not. Not even worth buying back.

I just hope a duck was shot, or maybe a Guinea Pig. Maybe it was Taco Bell.

Oh, and there was an engine in her trunk. Not her engine, but some engine. Sphere: Related Content


  1. What type of engine? Is there a police investigation?

    p.s. you linked to the wrong blog. My blog is www.markasaurus.com, you linked to markosaurus.com!

  2. Your logo actually shows Markosaurus, so I copied your misspelling. You may want to reserve that domain also.

    It looked like a Civic engine, but I didn't call the police. I did mention when I signed the title over to Progressive they may want to do so.

    The police already have been very uninvolved, I've had it indicated that since it was stolen in Portland, OR they feel the blood isn't their problem because it was found in Vancouver, WA.

    Interstate trade in stolen car parts in stolen cars covered in blood is apparently not a high priority around here. Our mayors have bridges, light rail and soccer to worry about, they don't have time for crime.