Monday, March 23, 2009

Want to go bowling?

So, the car is totaled, and the valuation seemed a little low. I'm waiting for Progressive to get back to me with some dealer quotes, but it seems a good amount of their total was figured from CraigsList.

I like CraigsList, I found my car there! Even if I didn't buy it there, because I did buy a car there. Once. A pickup truck. I had to replace the brakes, and it still managed to get itself bent in half due to poor repairs I paid for.

It's unfortunate though that they're basing the value of my Civic on some anonymous CraigsList posters who may or may not have sold their cars. With or without listing mileage, just features. I really have to doubt a car selling for $3000 on CL is comparable to a very similar car (to what I had) listed for $6900 by a repuatable dealer.

Hopefully I'll have a happier post soon, but the first offer wasn't quite what I was expecting. I expect Progressive will do better once they take another look. Sphere: Related Content

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